Prosperity For Christians

Prosperity For Christians

Prosperity for Christians is not just for the Pastors, but it is for all those who believe. The way to receive from God is not a secret, but a mystery. Secret counsels hidden in the annuals to time and scripture. It is definitely possible to prosper without compromise or becoming a slave to the dollar.

It is a skill that can be taught to anyone who desires to know. If you are in the Kingdom of God, you have an absolute right to know and obtain as you desire. Prosperity includes, wealth, health and peace of mind. When you see people who appear to be “rich” without God, there will be problems “big ones”, because God is not the foundation; He is an afterthought.

Many people dishonor God on so many levels and wonder why they cannot get personal “break through”. What is the point if you cannot get “personal break through”.

People get disappointed because they either think the process is to hard or they are just not willing to put in the “work”, but if you will accept the plan of God and His counsel, your life can…oops…WILL turn around.

It is miraculous and the most wonderful feeling to know you are touching God. Many are skeptical and think it is not possible to really relate, but it is. There is a blueprint designed to help you.