About Us

 Prophetic/Messianic Ministry in Conyers, GA


The LOGOS Fellowship/Yeshiva Beit Midrash is a Multicultural, Inter-Denominational Empowerment Center. Our goal is to provide participants through Prophetic/Messianic Ministry in Conyers, GA, with the tools and resources to build and maintain dimensional relationships within our communities.

The Ministry has a Global mandate to Advance the Kingdom of God through Knowledge of how it operates.

That mission includes providing the 21st Century Church with a workable prototype from which to build a platform that will usher in the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Utilizing innovative strategies such as the Placing People In Positions of Destiny©, Ministry Development Training Centers & The Church Training Platform; The LOGOS Fellowship/YESHIVA BEIT MIDRASH is positioning itself to bring evident manifestation of the God’ s Government & Power into this region.

Apostolic, Prophetic & Messianic Ministry
Where “THE WORD of GOD” Makes Sense!

Denominational History is one of the most complex matters to distinguish.  You literally have to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your path in this area.  For this reason, this is where we stand concerning Apostolic Ministry, Prophetic Ministry & Messianic Ministry.

Apostolic Ministry
Apostolic Ministry does not revolve around any particular set of people.  What did the Apostles (who became such after following Jesus), do ?  They went about teaching and preaching the Kingdom of God.  They appointed, they instructed, they established and they set things in order.

We choose to believe that God has given this aspect of ministry to The LOGOS Fellowship.  Therefore we instruct, we establish, we appoint and we set things in order within the lives of those whom the Lord sends to the House.

Prophetic Ministry is the breath of the Holy Spirit.  Breathing life into areas of our lives that have become  dormant.  Places where we may have become distracted or restricted.  The Holy Spirit allows the Ministry to remain lucid when speaking forth the Word of God. We rely heavily upon the Holy Spirit to give insight and direction.  When we follow Prophetic Instruction we receive results every time!!!

Messianic Ministry
We are embracing Christianity through Hebraic eyes.  In addition, we are learning as much as we can about the Culture of Christ.  By learning more about what Jesus meant at the time of his teachings, it helps us to understand and apply His teaching to our times.

It is an area that is unfolding, and finding acceptance in our Culture and we do place emphasis this on this during our teaching sessions.  We teach from the Torah, from the Nevium and  from the Ketuvim – just another way to say Old Testament using Jewish terminology.  We teach from the New Testament as well.

Our Motto is “Where THE WORD Makes Sense”.