Join The Revolution!

Join The Revolution!

You know, it’s pretty amazing how far we have come as people in the earth.  We have grown in many areas by leaps and bounds.  Particularly in the area of Information Technology.  Prior to that, we would need to search dictionaries and encyclopedias to get up to date.  But not today, today, we can literally place a word or search term into a little box and get millions of responses via the Internet.  Who could provide such an amazing tool?

There have been a few who have attempted to take credit for the implementation and design of the Internet, but you really have to give that Honor to God alone.  Only God could have developed a system that allows us to touch one another this way.

The amount of informational sources that can be accessed is astronomical.  There is good info, not so good info and downright bad info across every subject.  You can be both anonymous and opinionated at the same time.  You can represent or misrepresent yourself or anyone you choose.

One thing that will never change however is the message and ministry of Christ.  He made sure that His message would continue by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit has a unique job – to lead a complex, often carnal-minded, group, generationally towards truth.

You know God can do what He wants at any time He wants.   There are times when He conceals and there are times when He reveals.  This is a revealing time, a move by His Spirit for those who are aware.

Historically every great move by the Holy Spirit has been rejected.  This is our human behavior – the honest method by which we process new information.  As part of human behavior when certain things come, even by way of scripture they have been rejected.

Much of the time when a new idea comes to us, we handle that idea and move on, without ever becoming consciously aware of the process.  During the times when we are consciously aware of the process of handling a new idea, we often reject that idea without understanding why we rejected it, or sometimes without even understanding that we did reject it.

For Christians it is dependent upon your life’s influences.  How you grew up, how and where you got saved, etc.  All these factors affect our ability to cultivate new thinking. How can this be?

To understand this, let’s briefly review the mechanics of how our minds work.  When a new idea comes to us, it comes into our conscious mind.  It can be as a result of our own thinking, or it can be from an outside source.

Immediately, and sometimes before the new idea is even properly formed, our subconscious mind starts to evaluate that idea.  This evaluation is happening in our subconscious mind. That means that we are not consciously aware of it, but it is happening anyway.

So how does our subconscious mind evaluate an idea, sometimes before the idea is complete, and without us being aware that this is going on. To understand this we need to understand a characteristic of our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind has no ability to reason.  If that is so, how can it evaluate a new idea?  Well one way is to ask itself, does this new idea fit with what I already ‘know’.

If it does, then the new idea will not be immediately rejected.  If it doesn’t then the sub-conscious mind will send a message to the conscious mind to say that this new idea doesn’t fit. Usually at this point, the conscious mind will believe what the subconscious mind is saying to it, and reject the idea.

When presenting Torah to Christians it is perceived as a new thought.  The subconscious mind starts to evaluate it. The sub-conscious mind says, ‘I already know that’. Now that ‘I already know that’ message is sent to the conscious mind, and what happens then?

The conscious mind stops considering the new idea at that point, and moves on to something new.  But did the subconscious mind really know that it knew that?  The new idea has not even properly formed yet, so how could the subconscious mind be sure that it ‘knew’ that?

Unfortunately when the conscious mind gets the ‘I know that’ message, it usually stops receiving or processing the new idea, and that means the opportunity to learn something new is lost.

It is as if once the words are spoken, they’re done and anything further is dismissed.  Consequently, if their leaders ALSO have this same feeling or thought, then that which is trying to breakthrough and enlighten (which is that Spirit of Truth- the Holy Spirit) cannot.

And though the person who has rejected the new thought, has prayed, and prayed for breakthrough, healing wisdom, etc., they are actually rejecting  this new thinking which would have answered the prayer.

How can we combat this?  Do you even care?  If you do care, then this writ is for you.  If you don’t’ care that is okay you can continue the way you are going.  When the Holy Spirit tries to bring enlightenment again, maybe you will be ready next time.

If you feel that something is missing even though you are Born Again, Fire Baptized, KNOW THE WORD, so forth and so on.   Have scriptures all over the walls, make daily confessions (for years), with no visible signs of change.   Asked yourself how all those things happen in the bible, but you can’t seem to get them happening for you.  Feel disconnected from God’s promises.  Think about this…

yarnI was going to use a picture of intestines, but that might gross people out so I am using this picture of yarn instead.  Now take a good close look at that ball of yarn.  That is how complex our lives have become because we have not embraced the Torah – God’s Teaching & Instruction.

The Torah is God’s Blueprint of Teaching & Instruction.
Let’s Do It Together!