Our Torah Studies

Our Torah Studies began out of a desire to personally learn the history of God’s interaction with the nation of Israel. We believed that if we could begin at the beginning, we would come away with a greater understanding of God and His universal plans; and we did.

This journey has resulted in many personal discoveries by those who came along on that journey. We learned that knowledge of certain customs were easy to learn and pleasing to include in our daily lives. The results of doing so have been amazing! We learned the custom of reading the Torah Portion as part of our lives allows you to touch the Land of Israel spiritually.

As Christians, we are taught we have been grafted into the Land of Israel. The next logical step is to learn how being grafted in to the Land of Israel can impact our lives.

Reading the Torah Portions will dramatically increase your personal walk and your knowledge of God’s WILL for ALL people. These individual Torah Portions include…

1) The Modeh Ani – Which is “I give thanks,” the first words of the prayer Jewish prayer that observant Jews recite daily upon waking, while still in bed.

2) The Shemoneh Esrei Amidah also called the Standing Prayer recited 3 times per day in most Jewish Synagogues. It includes 18/19 Blessings that you CAN apply to your personal prayer life.

3) Torah Portions Reading List

The Holy Scriptures both Old & New, contain insightful jewels yet to be discovered. May your eyes open to the incredible message of Love yet to be revealed through Our Torah Studies.