The BENEFITS OF Salvation

The BENEFITS OF Salvation

Whenever you join a group, organization or club, you are doing so because of the benefits of membership.  We are attracted to a variety of things first because of what may be being offered, secondly because value.

We choose our insurance, jobs, etc., because of the “perks” that are available from these various organizations.  Within The Kingdom of God, there are many benefits too.

When you become a Born Again Beliver it is literally a “wake up” call to who you were meant to be.  You are aligned with your purpose for being (existing).

There are those who would view “chasing devils” as a benefit instead of a byproduct.  (Luke 10:19-20)

There are so many fantastic benefits to Salvation such as  your mental capacity for good increases, your health improves, you gain youthful exuberance, and joyfulness through “answered prayers”, along with all kinds of heavenly help.

Especially when you are in place that helps you see how you are have been empowered.


Your Capacity for Good

“Capacity” is defined as ”the maximum amount that something can contain”.  Your capacity and desire to do good to and for others is maximized.  To help others is a blessing that brings you happiness.  When you give of yourself to help others by voluntering, offering to give someone (that you know) a ride you may think: “what  would Jesus do in this situation?.”

You learn to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and your ability to do good continues to increase. (Philippians 4:10-20)


Improved Health

Overcoming obstacles and temptations can help you in many areas, such as deliverance from smoking, excessive drinking, eating disorders and anything else that affects your health and well being.  When it comes to deliverance there are certain things that should be considered.  Study what Jesus did and you will see that after every deliverance, He gave instructions…“Go and sin no more”.

What is sin?  Sin is “transgression” of God’s Instructions.  What instructions are you talking about?  The instructions He (God) laid down from the beginning.  To find His instructions or “way of doing things”, you must “study His ways.”  His instructions can be found in The Torah.

Where can I find The Torah?  Genesis 1:1 – Deuteronomy 34:12

What is the Torah you ask?  It is the written record of God’s Teaching and Instruction.  You must study His interactions with humanity, to understand His way of doing things. (2 Timothy 3:16) – A more in-depth study on this topic can be found later in this series.

If you have been around the Church for some time, it is quite posible that you have heard conflicting reports on “The Torah” and/or “The Law”.  There is a misinterpretation of the word “law” in the New Testament scriptures.  The word translated means precription. “A prescription is defined as “a recommendation that is authoritatively put forward.”

It is important to know and understand sections of the bible to which Jesus refers when He was teaching.  Every deliverance requires some form of maintenance on the part of the one being delivered. Jesus is simply saying do not go back into the behaviors that got you bound in the first place.  His (Jesus) words are not new when He speaks. (John 12:49)

When Jesus is telling us to “go and sin no more”.  How can you do this if you do not know what sin actually is?  To ignore God’s instruction, that is the sin. Think about it…if we stayed on point, with His instructions maybe we would not become involved in behaviors or with people that can hurt our life.

When you see something is destroying your well-being and you ask God to help; He does and He does it Instantly.  People sometimes forget – God does not delay our requests.  Oftentimes the delay is atmospheric. (Daniel 10:10-14)

Maybe there is no delay at all.  When you ask…He delivers!  That delivery may not be in the form you were looking for, but God I unable to lie.  So if He says, when you ask you receive – bank on it!


Exuberance & Joyfulness

Jesus said when you ask in my name (Kingdom), you will receive, so that God’s Kingdom may be glorified or (made obvious).  (John 14:13)

It is the greatest joy that our actions cause people on earth to want to know God.  It is with joy that we introduce others to Him.  Not through poverty, worry or speaking in negative tones.  It is your joy that draws others and cause you to desire to be closer to Him (God) as well. (Isaiah 9:6)


Answered Prayers

When you learn the proper way to pray prayers “that get answered”, you will know the benefits of your dual citizenship options.  These options give you an influential position here on earth to influence change and a voice in Heaven too.

To pray that we all will have a desire to come under the auspices of God’s Governing Authority.  When we do, family issues, neighbor issues, co-worker issuses even government issues can change and cause your land to be at peace. (Ephesians 1:18)

If we go back to the beginning, as discussed in our previous session, you will see that God’s original intent has alwas been to establish order.  Chaos seems to always find a way to creep into our lives, and without the proper tools can be victorious.  When you learn to pray (correctly with a pure heart), you are armed with the tools of a winner. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

As you progress and continue through your new life in Christ Jesus, you will quickly learn this… No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17)

So look to the hills (look upward) in times of trouble, confusion and hopelessness, because the gretest benefits is knowing where your help will always come from.  (Psalm 121-1-3)

Add this, to the know how that we teach you will not only know the benefits of salvation, but how they work in your life.  God has given us all the tools that are good and useful in this earth realm.  That too is a great benefit.


Apostle Jan